Lagniappe SuperSession :: Birthday Blues | 33 Artists Interpret The Music Of James Toth

Lagniappe (la ·gniappe) noun ‘lan-ˌyap,’ — 1. An extra or unexpected gift or benefit. 2. Something given or obtained as a gratuity or bonus.

So, just how do you celebrate a great friend who has also helped provide so much joy through his art? When, beyond friendship, that person also happens to be one of the best living songwriters out there full stop? The answer to that question is to open your email one morning to find a scheming email from the subject’s spouse, Leah Toth, and one of your mutual good friends, Ben Chasny. They had the fantastic idea of celebrating the full and broad catalog of James Toth by asking a lot of our friends to turn in covers. How could I turn this assignment down? Impossible. As things frequently do, the project snowballed quickly into what you have before you here. Folks couldn’t respond “yes” quick enough, proving our concept regarding the simple power of Toth. Even better was that period when messages rolled in daily with folks’ finished works. Track after track, these reinterpretations laid bare the amazing framework that undergirds the massive James Toth catalog. They also demonstrate how much connection listeners come to from James’ lyrics, especially when they possess folks who are typically known as instrumental artists to contribute vocals to their takes. This collection is such a delight. Circling back to the start, a collection like this is how you can celebrate one of the best songwriters and buddies out there. Happy birthday, James! | Cory Rayborn

Download: Birthday Blues | 33 Artists Interpret The Music of James Toth

1. Meg Baird – “The Mountain”
2.. Donovan Quinn – “Portrait in the Clouds”
3. Nick Mitchell Maiato – “Sunset Dust”
4. Woods – “Sundrum Ladies”
5. The World War IV – “The Pushers”
6. Cy Dune – “Leave Your Perch & Eagle Claw (Bird Fly West Young Suite)”
7. Zachary Cale – “I Wanna Make a Difference”
8. Powers/Rolin Duo – “Mallow T’Ward the River”
9. Eli Winter – “Perch Modifier”
10. William Fowler Collins – “Jhonn Balance”
11. Amelia Courthouse & DM Seidel – “Los Angeles Manna”
12. Jerry David DeCicca – “You Say That I Don’t Love Anything”
13. Wet Tuna – “Wand Arise”
14. Kelly Suzanne Smith – “This Life Of Ours”
15. Marisa Anderson – “Supermoon”
16. Ethan Miller – “Hotel Bar”
17. M. Geddes Gengras – “Mexican Coke”
18. Hush Arbors – “Days This Long”
19. Mount – “What Has The Night To do With Sleep”
20. Thurston Moore – “Rideshare Infiltrates (For Jim Shaw)
21. Nathan Bowles – “Dead End Days With Caesar”
22. Coupler – “Clipper Ship”
23. Daniel Bachman – “The Bleeder”
24. Hans Chew – “Mardi Gras”
25. Elisa Ambrogio – “Death Seat”
26. Dana Buoy – “Vengeance pt. 2”
27. Riggings – “No Bed For Beatle Wand”
28. Catherine Irwin – “We Must Also Love the Thieves”
29. Six Organs Of Admittance – “Bobby”
30. Langhorne Slim – “Seraphim Radar Rallies”
31. Ryley Walker – “Shaving Cold”
32. William Tyler – “Dogpaddlin’ Home to Live With My Lord”
33. Lee Ranaldo – “Wired to the Sky”

Lagniappe Sessions Archives / imagery via d norsen

Wooden Wand covers project | credits and notes (where supplied): Donovan Quinn – “Portrait in the Clouds”, Donovan Quinn: Vocals, bass, guitar, Sandra Martocchia: Vocals, Jason Quever: Drums | Nick Mitchell Maiato – “Sunset Dust”, NMM: vocals, guitars, drums, piano, percussion, Guy Fowler: bass | The World War IV – “The Pushers”, Brad Davis: drums, lead vocals, David Hickox: guitar, vocals, mixing, Janet Simpson: bass, vocals, organ, Jody Nelson: lead guitar, vocals, recorded by Brad Timko | Cy Dune (Seth from Akron/Family) – “Leave Your Perch & Eagle Claw (Bird Fly West Young Suite)” | Powers/Rolin Duo – “Mallow T’ward the River”, Matthew J. Rolin: Guitar/Vocals | Jen Powers: Hammered Dulcimer, William Fowler Collins – “Jhonn Balance”, William Fowler Collins: Mellotron, electric guitar, vocals, recorded, mixed, and edited by William Fowler Collins. Mastering by John Dieterich | Amelia Courthouse + DM Seidel – “Los Angeles Manna”, Leah Toth: vox, DM: Open G | Repeat Percussion | mixing | mastering | Wet Tuna – “Wand Arise”, Jim Bliss: bass / backing vocal, Erika Elder *spiritual advisor, Matt Valentine: vocals / acoustic & electric guitar / electric piano / prophet 600 / organ /drums / drum programming / percussion / space drums, recorded/mixed/mastered in spectrasound | Ethan Miller – “Hotel Bar”, Ethan Miller: Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine, Bass, Ben Chasny: Electric Guitar | Thurston Moore – “Rideshare Infiltrates (for Jim Shaw)”, recorded and performed by Thurston Moore, Bethel CT Sept. 2022 | Coupler – “Clipper Ship”, Holly+: voice, Bryan Kveton: synthesizers, programming, signal processing, editing, additional engineering, white noise, chirps, Ryan Norris: voice, acoustic / hi strung / electric guitars, synthesizers, programming, editing, engineering, produced by Bryan Kveton and Ryan Norris, mixed and mastered by Ryan Norris | Hans Chew – “Mardi Gras”, Daniel A. Brown: bass guitar, Hans Chew: guitars, keyboards, percussion, piano, synths, vocals | Dana Buoy (Dana from Akron/Family) featuring Barry Walker Jr. – “Vengeance, Pt. 2”, Barry Walker Jr.: pedal steel, Dana Janssen: everything else | Elisa Ambrogio – “Death Seat”, Elisa Ambrogio: vocals, lead guitar, Ben Chasny: rhythm guitar, piano, backup vocals, Catherine Irwin – “We Must Also Love the Thieves”, Catherine Irwin: singing, guitar, harmonica, Elizabeth Mitchell: beautiful singing, Daniel Littleton: piano, Tara Jane O’Neil: melodica, producer, engineer, recorded for Thrill Jockey Records at On-Me sound, Woodstock, New York September 2011 | Six Organs of Admittance – “Bobby”, all sounds and singing by Ben Chasny | Langhorne Slim – “Seraphim Radar Rallies”, Jon Estes: cello, electric guitar, farfisa, drums, Langhorne Slim: vocals, acoustic guitar, mixed and mastered by Jon Estes, produced by Langhorne Slim and Jon Estes | Lee Ranaldo – “Wired to the Sky”, recorded during Tonspur residency, August 2022, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna. Mixed at Lazy Eight, NYC. Thank you: Georg Weckwerth/Tonspur, Martin Siewert, MQ Wien | Zachary Cale – “I Want to Make a Difference”, All sounds and singing by Zachary Cale excerpt for harmony vocal by Alfra Martini.

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