Nico Georis :: Cloud Suites

“Get your head out of the clouds.” It’s an idiom often associated with parents, teachers, authority figures, or any sort of ‘straight folk.’ Ascribe to the mundanity of life, the endless rat race, the wheel of productivity. On Cloud Suites, California pianist and experimental composer Nico Georis offers a gentle rebuke of this sentiment with a dizzying array of stratospheric keyboard arrangements.

Nico Georis :: A Rainbow In Curved Air

Terry Riley’s “A Rainbow In Curved Air” is a piece of music that, in certain registers, has the lasting power of a proverb. Released on David Behrman’s Music Of Our Time series through CBS, it’s a supple composition which defines just as easily defies minimalism, an open work that extrapolates jazz, improvisation, raga, tape manipulation, and classical motifs. Nico Georis, an FM synthesis aficionado and head of his own experimental radio station, approaches Riley’s mythical work with a fluid and unintimidated approach.