Transmissions :: Joe Casey of Protomartyr

This week on our weekly talk show, Transmissions: Joe Casey of Protomartyr. One of the most exciting rock bands of the last decade, the Detroit-based post punk band will release its fifth album, Ultimate Success Today July 17th. The word prophetic isn’t a stretch. With its references to disease, institutional brutality, and gross inequality—symptoms of “a cosmic grief, beyond all comprehension”—the new record matches the apocalyptic mood of the US, and much of the world, in 2020. But it also speaks to the continued growth of the Protomartyr aesthetic, pairing contributions by players associated with free jazz and experimental music with post-punk rhythms.

Protomartyr: No Passion All Technique

2012’s No Passion All Technique set up Protomartyr as purveyors of midwest existentialism and raging post-punk. Newly reissued and expanded, revisiting the album reveals how much about Protomartyr was in place from the very start. “I thought, ‘Here’s my chance to get this all out,” says frontman Joe Casey.