Sam Prekop :: Spelling

With Spelling, Sam Prekop of The Sea and the Cake has created a 25-minute epic of calming fuzz and analog comfort, full of deep, tonal bass lines, laser-like jolts, rhythmic fuzz, and plenty of wind and water-inspired fade-ins and fade-outs.

Transmissions :: Sam Prekop

Incoming transmission from…Sam Prekop. For more than 25 years, he’s released music with the Sea and Cake and on his own. His last few solo albums have found him focusing less on pop song craft and more on analog synthesizers and ambient textures. His latest for Thrill Jockey records is called Comma and on it he blends serene soundscapes with twitching electronic rhythms. Transmissions host Jason P. Woodbury reached him in Chicago to talk about hunkering down, synths, and how he and his Sea and Cake bandmates continue their remarkable work together.