Transmissions :: Panda Bear and Sonic Boom

Built on loops culled from doo wop, psychedelic pop, and early rock & roll records, Panda Bear and Sonic Boom’s new album Reset is an exuberant and oracular listen. In this all-new episode of our weekly interview podcast Transmissions, Noah Lennox (Panda Bear) and Peter Kember (Sonic Boom) sit down with host Jason P. Woodbury to discuss their collaborative partnership, the influence of far out futurist Buckminster Fuller, memory and musical optimism.

Sonic Boom :: All Things Being Equal

The first Sonic Boom album in thirty years finds Peter Kember reemerging, paradoxically, at the height of his influence. While the grandiose space-rock frontsmanship of his erstwhile Spacemen 3 partner Jason Pierce has faded somewhat into the safety of the adult contemporary rotation, the seeds Kember has scattered as experimenter, heteronymous collaborator, and champion of analog synthesizers seem finally to be bearing their full fruit.