JJ Whitefield :: Ethio Meditations / Drama Al Dente

This first taste from the recently launched Madlib Invazion Music Library Series finds JJ Whitefield at the controls with Ethio Meditations / Drama Al Dente. Created over the course of the pandemic, the series self describes as a nod to “the best ‘Music Library’ releases of the past, on labels like Italy’s Sermi, Germany’s Bruton, France’s MP2000 and the UK’s DeWolfe.” Aesthetic ideals achieved, as Whitefield riffs on Ethiopian jazz and psychedelic funk over the course of the LP’s nineteen tracks.

The Whitefield Brothers :: Weiya (Serengeti Beat)

The Whitefield Brothers In The Raw remains as potent in 2022 as the day it dropped twenty years ago. Originally released in 2002, and later reissued via Now Again, the LP’s panglobal brew of ragged psychedelic funk dripped different, defying easy markers of genre, era, and locality.