Twain :: Noon

Noon is a time defined as much by what it isn’t as what it is, a place where morning has ended but afternoon has yet to crest. For songwriter Mat Davidson, the voice and mind behind Twain, Noon is an attempt to exist in this middle ground. But the album resists its existence as a fleeting thing, smearing itself across the album’s 13 tracks to mesmerizing effect, becoming a moment you might believe you’ll be able to live in forever, even if you can’t.

Twain: New Miami Sound

On his latest, a lean, seven-song release entitled New Miami Sound, Davidson shows leaps and bounds in his songwriting, embracing piano-driven rhapsodies found in the unlikeliest of places; nostalgia-tinted folk for long casted shadows just beginning to fade. Branching off some strange lineage of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Harry Nilsson, his warbly, rustic vocals and subtly profound prose seem to sneak up on you. Often, it feels as though you might turn around to find it gone.