Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus

Saw this documentary today in West Hollywood. Alt-country musician, champion of the redneck-underground, Jim White steers us through the deep South connecting the various threads that make this part of America such a potent, fertile, ground for […]

Jay Farrar – Newsweek Interview

“As Son Volt returns with its first album in seven years, its frontman discusses his ambivalence about being known as an ‘alt-country’ pioneer and his split with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy.” Newsweek reports…click HERE spinning: primal scream […]

New Order vs. Galaxie 500

Part III of the covers war. Ceremony was the last Joy Division song the band wrote before the death of frontman Ian Curtis. No “dancey” New Order vibes to this one. Galaxie 500 does a really […]

JAMC vs. Pixies – Covers II

A truly inspired cover can sometimes trump an artist’s original vision for a song. In this ongoing series I’m interested in which version (or versions) you prefer. The song: The Jesus And Mary Chain’s “Head […]

The Jesus Lizard…be afraid

There are only two camps when it comes to the Jesus Lizard. Those who love them and those who really don’t like them. There is no middle ground. Perhaps that is part of the attraction. […]

Letting Up Despite Great Faults

i heard about these guys on one of the mp3 blogs earlier this week…can’t remember which one. very cool sound, reminiscent of the postal service/dntel thing if that’s your bag. indie-electronica. i’m posting one of […]

Blow Up & Stroll On

A) If you have not seen the 1966 film “Blow Up” I recommend checking it out. A dash of murder, mystery, and mayhem, all served up amid ’60s swinging London. B) The Yardbirds fill in as […]

Save CBGBs

I’ve never been to CBGBs, but they helped break one of my all-time favorite bands (Talking Heads) — so they must have been doing something right the past 31 years. Apparently “the man” wants to […]

Lazy Sunday Listening

This is a very different kind of Love & Rockets album. Dark and hungover, but hopeful. Oxymoron? Maybe. Download the album’s opening track to see what I mean. It’s been a constant play in my […]

Rewind ’97: Catherine Wheel

the great texan singer/songwriter holden rushing introduced me to this song and it’s album adam & eve. i have since read, that upon it’s 1997 release, it was severely overlooked due to the ok computer […]

Stone Roses: B-Side – “Tell Me”

If you like The Stone Roses, you had best be downloading this song immediately, cuz. “Tell Me” was the b-side to the band’s single “So Young,” back before the band tore itself apart. The sound […]