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The Rambling Canuck highlights some of his favorite underrated artists The Big Takeover Twenty-Five Years On: A Silver Anniversary Interview Sunny (Brooklyn) waxes poetic on New Orleans’ musical legends Between Thought & Expression tells us a bigass iPod is on the way Big Rock Candy Mountain continues it’s excellent Christmas tunes feature Exile On Hicks Street spreads the gospel of forgotten bands Bows + Arrows – New to me. Good shit. Beat The Indie Drum says some nice things about a Drunkard Team Clermont I.M.s with musician Paul Duncan Coolfer links up with Chicago Tribune on how to convert your vinyl to digital Crazy Talk celebrates it’s milestone: 50,000 Hits Diddy Wah’s Part II of the Alan Lomax Legacy feature Gorilla Vs. Bear – See his Top 50 Albums of ’05 AND his ’05 Holiday Mix-Tape My Old Kentucky Blog – Dodge has his Top 25 Albums of 2005 up Indie Interviews – Feature Sub Pop’s Band of Horses interview Medication highlights musician Greg Ashley (of Gris Gris) Kevin at So much Silence covers The Silver State (on S.O.M. too) Thrasher’s Blog has the Jeff Tweedy PASTE magazine interview up L.A. blogger Be the Boy continues to be a favorite daily treat Muzzle of Bees interviews Chris from Gorilla vs. Bear There’s that. Look for my other links “highlighted” on the blogroll next time. Also, am I missing out on some great blogs & daily reads? Feel free […]

Lemonheads :: Stove (1990)

This was the first Lemonheads song I heard at 15 ,back in 1991, on a mix-tape (remember those?) a girl had made for me. Awww. And though Evan and the band went on to make […]