It’s been a couple of days without a post here, so my guess is Justin is in transit as he and his wife continue their freewheeling ways around the country. So, um, hi. I’m Kevin (obligatory link).

I’m not sure if Justin has ever featured the Clientele in these parts, but it’s a group I think he’d appreciate. The Clientele revive 60s British pop in wistful, dreamy ways. Strange Geometry, released last year on Merge Records, introduces strings in wonderful places and the melodic guitars are pretty easy to embrace. Singer Alasdair Maclean’s delicate vocals are infused with a warm confidence. A nice balance for sure.

MP3: The Clientele :: My Own Face Inside the Trees


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  1. […] Warning, anecdote ahead: Until Kevin, from So Much Silence, guest posted on The Clientele, last summer while I was traveling, I was under the impression they were some sort of post-post-post punk band from the UK. If I recall correctly, I believe I was under the impression they sounded like, oh, say, Clinic or something. The name The Clientele sounds soo sterile it just had to be something like that. Woops. […]

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