Without a doubt The Shins Wincing the Night Away was the leak of 2006 — and for good reason.       

shinsMercer and company have done it again, and I must agree with the early reviewers who noted that Wincing moves the band into a more “mature” realm of songwriting and sonic experimentation. And thankfully this is both painlessly and eloquently executed.

While Chutes Too Narrow clearly occupied a different aural territory than Oh Inverted World, much of Wincing takes this a step farther eschewing the band’s signature whimsy without sacrificing its familiar identity. Different yes, yet remaining a Shins album. Orchestration and electronic beats may have taken the place of passages formerly reserved for a syncopated guitar strum, but the feel and atmosphere remain the same. Listen to Mercer’s excellent, spot-on Morrissey vocal affectation below on “Sea Legs.” Outstanding.

Wincing the Night Away see wide release today and comes highly, highly recommended.

MP3: The Shins :: Sea Legs
MP3: The Shins :: Phantom Limb

Video: The Shins – Phantom Limb
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