Knock My Teeth Out, Make Way For The Gold

“Knock My Teeth Out, Make Way For The Gold…” — Boss Hog, ‘I Dig You’

boss hog jon spencerIn the early-mid ’90s, while I was knee deep into the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, this “side project” by Spencer and his wife Christina Martinez was a god send. It called itself Boss Hog, and was a mixture of the JSBX’s trademark howling and rock & roll sneer, coupled with a punkish pop sheen that made things all the more bizarre and messier.

In my head I always imagined an indie rock take on Ike and Tina Turner’s shtick, which actually still sounds fairly appropriate today. Christina Martinez, more that a little easy of the eyes, takes an equal share of the reins insuring that Boss Hog are anything but a “Jon Spencer Blues Explosion + female vocalist” novelty. The album is all fuzzed out and garage-y pop that still sounds relevant today. If you’re into the Blues Explosion and somehow missed out on the Hog, dig these tracks below for a taste.

Boss Hog released a follow-up LP, five years later, entitled Whiteout, in 2000 — I have yet to pick it up. Heard it?

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MP3: Boss Hog :: I Dig You
MP3: Boss Hog :: Sam
MP3: Boss Hog :: Walk In
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7 thoughts on “Knock My Teeth Out, Make Way For The Gold

  1. I was/am a huge Blues Explosion fan and liked the first Boss Hog, but was severely disappointed with Whiteout. It was too polished for my tastes, I needed something a little more garagey and dirty.

    Heavy Trash is great though, if you didn’t already know. It’s what I’ve been wanting from Jon Spencer for a long long time.

  2. Justin have you heard his latest album Spencer Dickinson?

    “The Book Of Love” and “Away Baby” are insane!

  3. Boss Hog had several albums & ep’s prior to these two that are also worth checking out. They have a more Pussy Galore-ish sound. You should seek them out, if only for the album covers alone 😉 .

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