Morrissey, You’re Killing Me

The Smiths

Just got back from a lunch meeting (at the Mama Mia cafe, on Vermont. Go for the breakfast…delish), and the conversation turned to Morrissey’s upcoming, Los Angeles, muti-night stint, effectively closing the Hollywood Palladium (est. 1940). And, by “multi-night,” I mean ten nights, between October 1 – 13th. Anyone going to this?

The below track is a favorite Smiths songs, off Louder Than Bombs, that often gets lost in the Smiths/Moz canon.

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The Smiths :: Unlovable
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5 thoughts on “Morrissey, You’re Killing Me

  1. In high school english class in 1989 we were supposed to read out loud some poetry that we liked, and i read the lyrics to this. everyone thought i was a freak and was going to kill myself. I kind of cringe now at the thought.

  2. the above comment is especially funny to me because i did the very same thing in high school english class – perhaps 1991? we were told to bring in poetry to read that we liked and i brought in the insert to the Strangeways cassette and read “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me”. I kind of cringed at the thought of reading it too, somewhere during the 3rd verse as I read.

    can’t wait for my five nights of Mozzer here in NYC.

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