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Just got back from a lunch meeting (at the Mama Mia cafe, on Vermont. Go for the breakfast…delish), and the conversation turned to Morrissey’s upcoming, Los Angeles, muti-night stint, effectively closing the Hollywood Palladium (est. 1940). And, by “multi-night,” I mean ten nights, between October 1 – 13th. Anyone going to this?

The below track is a favorite Smiths songs, off Louder Than Bombs, that often gets lost in the Smiths/Moz canon.

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The Smiths :: Unlovable
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5 Responses to “Morrissey, You’re Killing Me”

  1. The Palladium is closing? Wow, that’s a bummer. I saw my first punk show there back in the late 70’s.

  2. Could anything be MORE Morrissey than eleven nights of Morrissey?

  3. Now I see where the Old 97s Rhett Miller got his look…

  4. In high school english class in 1989 we were supposed to read out loud some poetry that we liked, and i read the lyrics to this. everyone thought i was a freak and was going to kill myself. I kind of cringe now at the thought.

  5. the above comment is especially funny to me because i did the very same thing in high school english class – perhaps 1991? we were told to bring in poetry to read that we liked and i brought in the insert to the Strangeways cassette and read “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me”. I kind of cringed at the thought of reading it too, somewhere during the 3rd verse as I read.

    can’t wait for my five nights of Mozzer here in NYC.

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