Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Thurston Moore


Touring in support of his second solo LP, Trees Outside The Academy, An Aquarium Drunkard presents Thurston Moore, live in Los Angeles, October 30th at The Echoplex.

We have five pairs of tickets to give away to A.D. readers. To get your hands on a pair, leave a comment below with your name, a valid email address, and your favorite Sonic Youth “era.” You can define era however you choose to. Winners will be contacted, via email, by October 28th.

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MP3: Thurston Moore :: The Shape Is In A Trance
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Incinerate
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12 thoughts on “Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Thurston Moore

  1. fave era? that shit-storm between EVOL in ’86 to DIRTY in ’92… serious beautiful… SISTER: 20 years ago and still continues to jive the pants off of kids today.

  2. evol and sister really kicked my ass and opened up my ears to a new world. but, i was in a used record store back in the day and found a fan club copy of the “goo demos” still sealed in the shrink wrap with the newsletter and a couple of great buttons. i grabbed it, popped it in the car on the way home and don’t think i ejected it for about three months. just insane groovy beautifulness.

  3. Wow…favorite SY era…execllent question, but I have to say that I especially love everything from ‘Daydream Nation’ through ‘Dirty’…what is that, ’88-’92 I guess.

  4. I’m a big fan of the “current” era of Sonic Youth. I really dug rather ripped and I like that Moore’s Label (Ecstatic Peace) and Steve Shelley’s (Smells Like Records) are chock full of artists that are really coming into their own and are really rad. Ain’t nothing like the present!

  5. As far as “eras” go, the first SY song I ever heard was 100%. I was 12 and my best friend’s older sister initiated us to the insanity that is SY. I was sitting in their living room and I don’t think I breather until the song was over. While the back catalogue and the records since then have continued to amaze me, I can never forget that one moment… it was after all, not just my initiation to SY but to the whole world of underground music that they opened me up to. That song, that moment, blew my pre-teen mind.

  6. sonic youth is by far one of the most impressive bands churning out music today. the fact that the band can release relivant and exciting music is a tribute to what they do. that being said, my favorite era of sonic you would have be from daydream nation to dirty. high school infatuation and my ears on fire…i was never more dedicated to knowing and absorbing the music then i was at that moment in time.

  7. Without a doubt, Daydream Nation era is it. And it still goes today with that crazy tour where they did all the songs from that double. Second would be Dirty. Those were the good old days when I had time to buy CD, lay down on my floor and study their ‘liner notes’ (as such as they were) and listen to it at full blast with my head between my stereo speakers. Ahhh, good times.

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