Clocking in at a healthy nine minutes and thirty five seconds, Van Morrison’s “T.B. Sheets,” culled from his first album Blowin’ Your Mind!, remains one of his most spirited exercises in blue-eyed soul. Fevered, you can almost feel the man’s cold sweat just prior to his transformation into a household name.

“The cool room Lord, is a fool’s room. The cool room Lord, is a fool’s room. And I can almost smell your T.B. sheets. I can almost smell your T.B. sheets. I gotta go.”

MP3: Van Morrison :: T.B. Sheets
Amazon: Van Morrison – Blowin’ Your Mind!

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7 Responses to “Van Morrison :: T.B. Sheets”

  1. I guess I didn’t know it til now, but this has always been my favorite Van song. On your sick bed.

  2. Your Amazon link is to “Blowin’ Your Mind!”, but I would recommend the “Bang Masters” CD instead – it contains all the BYM album plus every other worthwhile Van track from this period. It’s interesting to hear the early versions of a couple of tracks that were later refined on “Astral Weeks”.

  3. This is Van in NYC, still defiantly unobliging and stricken with conflicting emotions. Dissecting the human response from cold observation which would crystallize in “Astral Weeks” as something beyond Dylan and the sweating lust and wide-eyed abandon of his earlier band, Them.

  4. Thanks for this one. I love Van and don’t have this version of TB Sheets. Astral Weeks – best album ever (in Simpsons’ Comic Book Man voice).

  5. She’s a banging track, I’ve already got it stuck on a summer playlist (southern hemisfear down here!) not far from Ghostface’s Greedy Bitches track which samples it. Rockin’ in the sun.

    I have a record with this and Who Drove the Red Sports Car which was I played on high repeat for ages a couple of years ago. Can’t remember what the album was but the illustration on the sleeve sure looked like a NY scene.

  6. L’influence des pierres précieuses et l’astrologie….

    Il est bien connu qu’à l’époque du premier christianisme plusieurs ?uvres d’auteurs anciens sur l’influence des pierres sur la santé et le destin de l’homme ont disparu (l’église croyait que c’étaient les résultats de la superstition païe…

  7. PLEASE PLEASE Please POST Van Morrison’s TB Sheets again, with the mp3 download, you would just make my summer!

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