All The Young Dudes :: The Mott vs. David Bowie

bowie-and-ronson.jpgIn keeping with this weeks Bowie vibe, here is a re-post from last May. Also, have you noticed the prominent use of the Mott’s “All The Young Dudes” in the Juno trailer??

While I was never an ardent fan of Ian’s band Mott The Hoople, I have always loved their biggest single hit, the David Bowie penned “All The Young Dudes.” It’s anthemic in the very best way possible, and always sounded like it should have been a lost, late-era, Beatles track with it’s chorus and refrain: “All the young dudes (hey dudes), Carry the news (where are ya), Boogaloo dudes (stand up come on), Carry the news, All the young dudes (I want to hear you),” etc, etc. Hunter’s calling out to the non-existent audience bit is an absolute stroke of brilliance on his (or Bowie’s) part.

While the chorus may sound like the work of The Beatles, the verses are pure Bowie. Even on paper it’s evident who penned the lyrics: “Well billy rapped all night about his suicide, How he kick it in the head when he was twenty-five, Speed jive dont want to stay alive,” etc, etc. Even casual Bowie fans will note the similarities in flow and tone found on “All The Young Dudes” also scattered throughout Bowie’s own work at the time (Ziggy, Hunky Dory). Side note: Mott rejected Bowie’s “Suffragette City” which the artist went on to record himself on his landmark album, 1972’s The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust.

While Mott’s 1972 rendering of “All The Young Dudes” is clearly the definitive version, Bowie began incorporating the tune into his own live shows in the mid-1970s and went on to release his 1972 studio recording of the track in 1995 (see below) on a best-of collection.

Mott The Hoople :: All The Young Dudes
MP3: David Bowie :: All The Young Dudes

Video: Ian Hunter w/ Mick Rosnson :: All The Young Dudes
Video: David Bowie :: All The Young Dudes
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10 thoughts on “All The Young Dudes :: The Mott vs. David Bowie

  1. I thought I had heard somewhere before that Mott wanted “Suffragette City,” Bowie wouldn’t part with it, and “..Dudes” was the compromise. Am I wrong?

  2. At Mott’s best … and 1973’s Mott is their best … they were masters of a kind of alternate Bowie universe. Heartfelt, incisive storytelling that combined Dylan with Davies and shambolic rock ‘n’ roll sound that profoundly influenced Queen, The Clash, The Mats, early Wilco, Thelonious Monster, Alejandro Escovedo, Maria McKee, etc. Dudes is a certifiable classic, but so is Honaloochie Boogie, All The Way From Memphis, I Wish I Was Your Mother (Maria has a definitive cover of this one), One Of The Boys, and even Irene Wilde (actually from Ian’s 2nd solo effort, All-American Alien Boy, and a song that Alejandro nails). All in all, great stuff and certainly worth investigating for old-school rock fans.

  3. I’ve always liked the live Ian Hunter version of “All the Young Dudes” from his “Live at the Club” double LP. Can’t seem to find that particular CD anywhere though. I think I still have the actual LP somewhere, now if I could only find something to play it on…

  4. Being a huge Bowie-Fan it’s so nice to see some stuff of the man who seems like ages away from us ….
    By the way, his first attempt definitely was “Suffragette City”, then came “Dudes” and later – as a follower – he wanted them to do “Drive-In Saturday”, which they refused again. So – as Bowie himself stated during his VH1 appearance – he got very drunk and shaved his eye-brows. Angry young Ziggy ….
    love on ya all at aquariumdrunkard,

  5. I love Mott the Hoople!

    Go to the Roxy this Saturday night because The Swedish Models and Golden State are playing at 10 O clock. Swedish Models have 4 lead singers, two-drummers who face each other and share a kick drum, and 3 key players on 4 sets of vintage keys.

    Watch their homemade videos on you tube under “swedish models.”

    Golden State is the former Palo Alto, pretty kick ass stuff.

  6. Mott does a great version of Doug Sahm’s “At the Crossroads”, as well as an amazing song by Sonny Bono called Laugh at Me. Both changed my mind about Mott.

  7. What does “Dudes” have to do with Juno? I’m glad it was used because I had forgotten about it and the Juno trailer brought it to mind. The trailer didn’t make me want to rush out to see the movie but it did give me the incentive to look through my mp3s to see if I could find “Dudes” without a lot of trouble. Pretty easy task; since I make multiple copies of fav songs I had four copies. So I look up a review for Juno, I download the lyrics to “Dudes” as well as a Rolling Stone article that tells what was on Bowie’s mind as he penned the tune for Mott.
    After trying to figure out any connection at all between the song and the movie and finding no connection I thought maybe if I ask maybe someone familiar with the song and the movie can explain the connection. What does Wendy stealing clothes from Marks and Sparks have to do with anything? Okay, maybe you don’t know. Well, maybe you know what the funky little boat race has to do with the movie? No? Well, does the guy with the glasses that Mott wanted down front, does that have anything to do with it?
    Well, if you know, great; if you don’t know tell me why you think “Dudes” is in the movie. I’m glad it is but it just seems totally unrelated to the movie.

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