The following interview should be required listening for Beck fans, and those with even a passing interest in the production of making rekkids. A candid late-’90s interview, journalist Neil Strauss and Beck discuss the motivations behind Mutations, the recording process, as well as interesting predictions for Beck’s future, some of which, now a decade later, have come to fruition. Enjoy.

MP3: Beck w/ Neil Strauss :: The Process
MP3: Beck w/ Neil Strauss :: The Music
MP3: Beck w/ Neil Strauss :: The Body of Work
MP3: Beck w/ Neil Strauss :: The Plans
MP3: Beck w/ Neil Strauss :: The Sacrifice

MP3: Beck :: Nobody’s Fault But My Own
Amazon: Beck – Mutations ++

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4 Responses to “Beck :: The Mutations Conversations”

  1. Maddest respect for Beck!

  2. nice. i actually just got the album and have only really listened to it on a few occasions, so this will be beneficial.

  3. Beck’s albums have always been monuments to not just the craft of songwriting, but the recording arts. Midnite Vultures definitely doesn’t get the respect it deserves, first for it’s daring, mashup direction, and second, for the mind-blowing depth and love put into its production.

  4. i’m afraid these files are long gone?

    Mutations is probably in my top 10 of all time – vastly underrated (or is it even to ‘rated’ status?).

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