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pylon.jpgThe rise of file-sharing, and digital music providers such as eMusic, have made it much easier to be a Pylon fan than the days of yore when one had to settle for a used copy of their greatest hits CD, or in the case of Gyrate, a second generation dubbed cassette. Cassettes, remember those? Yes, thanks to technology, and now, the folks at DFA Records, checking out this frenetic, early ’80s, Athens, GA outfit is easier than ever.

Late last year the label remastered and reissued Pylon’s 1980 debut LP (its first time being released on compact disc), along with additional cuts culled from singles and EPs, all respectfully tacked on to the end, totaling 16 tracks. For those new to the seminal post-punk group, just a mere skim of the reissues liner notes, penned by noted fellow Athenians (The B-52s Fred Schneider, R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe), should infer both the importance, and influence, of Pylon’s short run. Two tracks off Gyrate to sample below, and the video for “Stop It (rock and roll no)” filmed in the early ’80s.

Elsewhere: If you’re a Pylon fan, make a note to check out the live show Southern Shelter is hosting from the group’s November date recorded last year, in Atlanta, at The Earl.

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MP3: Pylon :: Cool
MP3: Pylon :: Danger

MP3: R.E.M. :: Crazy (Pylon cover)
Download: Pylon – Gyrate Plus

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6 thoughts on “Pylon :: Gyrate (Plus)

  1. I’ve just received my Pylon Cd from amazon the other morning. Incredible the way this group was unknowed in France until we learn that REM played the first part of their concerts.
    Thanks for this post & à très bientôt on your fantastic aquarium

  2. I’m from Atlanta and spent a lot of time listening to Athens music back in the day. Pylon is one of the bands that strangely got missed until here recently when I was able to get Gyrate (Plus) and begin to appreciate them.

  3. Thanks for this heads-up on the reissue; that’s awesome news. One of my greatest regrets from the Great Vinyl Purge of 1996 (I was totally broke, and convinced at the time that I would never listen to punk & post-punk again) is having sold Gyrate. I figured I’d just never hear it again, and forgot about it. I used to cover “Stop” in a particularly obnoxious fashion while busking for a living in the early ’90s.

    Which reminds me of another regret from that purge that was recently reissued: the Young Marble Giants album “Colossal Youth.” If you’re not familiar, do yourself a favour and check ’em out. Great minimalist British late-night stuff that hasn’t dated – or which has done so with style, anyhow.

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