The Meters :: Live NYC @ The Bottomline 1977

I acquired this 1977 Meters show in 2000 along with the Showboat Lounge show that was posted earlier in the week. At the time -- and this still may be the case -- locating quality live documents from the band’s heyday was no small feat.Actually, until a few years ago, even locating copies of their studio albums was an Indiana Jones like undertaking, be it CD or vinyl. Now most decent record stores have the catalog on compact disc, and the better vinyl shops have the original reissues on hand. What I’m getting at is: if you’re not already, it’s a great time to become a Meters fan.

The below show was recorded in 1977 at NYC's The Bottomline, and it’s some deep New Orleans funk & soul. And I do mean funk, this shit is greasy -- gets right under your fingernails funky. Humid, hot, sticky grooves. If you downloaded The Meters Live at The Showboat Lounge, I would venture to say this show is a tad bit better. And, if you didn't, you best get on it.

Download The Meters @ The Bottomline after the jump...

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