Liz Durrett/Vic Chesnutt :: Somewhere (Cover)


Check, check…any Italian readers in the house today? If so, heads up, Liz Durrett is presently touring Italy — possibly in a town near you. I’ve seen Durrett, live, twice now, once solo and once with her uncle, and sometime musical co-conspirator, Vic Chesnutt. Both shows were great, but I don’t believe I heard them duet on West Side Story’s “Somewhere” — listen to their rendering below.

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MP3: Liz Durrett/Vic Chesnutt :: Somewhere (from West Side Story)
MP3: Liz Durrett :: The Mezzanine
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  1. I love this version of Somewhere. I can’t figure out how to download it. When I click the link it takes me to eMusic. I registered for eMusic just to get this song, but no dice-it doesn’t even show up there! HELP?

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