Beach House

Beach House’s 2006, self-titled, debut came off like an indie, boutique, ’00s version of Mazzy Star’s patent vocals crossed with lo-fi, dream-pop. What made it interesting, in the long run, is that the Baltimorean duo manged to do so with their own personal style avoiding kitsch. All gauzy, sleepy and warm, the follow-up, Devotion, is every bit its equal and promises to be a late-night/early morning staple for months to come. Album available next Tuesday, on vinyl and cd, via Carpark Records.

MP3: Beach House :: Gila
MP3: Beach House :: Wedding Bell

Video: Beach House – You Came To Me
Pre-order: Beach House – Devotion ++ @ eMusic

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  1. Beach House are giving a few autographed copies of Devotion, you can enter until 2/26:

    (it’s my site, sorry to hijack, keep up the good work drunkard)

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