Steely Dan :: The Lost Gaucho Album

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Found on Big-O, this set was originally posted on AD back in 2005. There have been numerous requests for a re-post, over the years, but until just recently I had misplaced the CD-R it was stored on. If you’re into the Dan, this proves an interesting snapshot in time.

“As to why so many songs were dropped from the final lineup of Gaucho, a case can be made that this early version was too close in style to 1977’s Aja – shorter songs, sweeter melodies and more accessible lyrics. The finally released Gaucho seemed purposely obscure, deep and complex. Was it to spite their record company MCA? Is it possible that The Second Arrangement was never erased but that Becker and Fagen concocted the story to avoid releasing what they thought was the better version of Gaucho? Listen and decide for yourself. “ (via)

Elsewhere: Straight out of the gate, Eric (Marathon Packs) Harvey, in his new Pitchfork column, waxes on the Dan.


MP3: Steely Dan :: Kind Spirit
MP3: Steely Dan :: Were You Blind That Day [early version of Third World Man]
MP3: Steely Dan :: The Bear
MP3: Steely Dan :: The Second Arrangement
MP3: Steely Dan :: Talkin’ About My Home
MP3: Steely Dan :: Time Out of Mind
MP3: Steely Dan :: Kulee Baba
MP3: Steely Dan :: Gaucho (instrumental)


12 thoughts on “Steely Dan :: The Lost Gaucho Album

  1. Nice discovery. Aja and Gaucho were my favorite Steely Dan albums – I’ve lost interest in them since then, but this makes a nice addition to that time period.

  2. Love it! I am a Dan fanatic and was so happy to see this because The Dan is famous for being threadbare in the outtakes department. Thanks!!!

  3. This is fantastic, but does anyone have another version of The Second Arrangement? It’s that same song, but further developed with an amazing Becker-styled guitar rolling over it. I have heard it once, but can’t find it again.

  4. This was posted a couple of weeks ago, and the last comment was left a few days ago…. and now the links don’t work! Did I miss something here? I’ve been trying to track down these tracks for the longest time! Can you put them up again real quick? Please??

  5. Fantastic! I’d love to own a copy of this…..the mp3s are still working over at the hype machine….thank you aquarium for posting!

  6. Man… these tracks don’t work now. I’ve been HUNTING to get these files forever. All the links or downloads I find of them never work!

    Is there any way someone could send them to me if you see this?

    b2nt2k (AT) gmail (DOT) com

    Thanks if you can!

  7. i’m with owen. i’ve been looking forever.

    if anyone can help me please

    lookagainvideos (at) gmail (dot) com

    thanks to any and all 🙂

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