fleet foxes

Just got back from the Blitzen Trapper/Fleet Floxes show at Bottom of The Hill. Blitzen Trapper delivered, per usual, and Fleet Foxes first out-of-town show made the audience wish their Sub Pop debut was coming out right now and not months from now. Something to look forward to.  Oh, heads up, our friends at Daytrotter recorded the band this afternoon, here in San Francisco, so look for that session in the near future.

Also: Without even meaning to, I caught Kristin Hersh and her band earlier in the night. Sounded great. Now I wish I had some Throwing Muses on this laptop.


MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Oliver James

www.myspace.com/fleetfoxes ++ www.myspace.com/blitzentrapper ++ sub pop

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  1. sounds like we were on the same course that night. seeing kristin hersh play poolside followed by the BOTH show was quite the evening. fleet foxes and sholi were definitely the standouts

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