Beach House music echo

We’re presenting the Beach House show, Thursday night at The Echo, and have three pairs of tickets to give away to ye loyal Drunkard readers. Papercuts open. If you want a pair, leave your full name, and email address, in the comments. Winners will be chosen at random, and sent an email at the provided address.


MP3: Beach House :: Gila
MP3: Beach House :: Wedding Bell ++ the echo ++ papercuts website

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9 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Beach House (the Echo)”

  1. Carrie Stern

    gimme gimme!
    i love beach house a whole bunch.

  2. the echo (echo)

  3. Just letting you know that the show time has changed to 8pm and will now be at the Echoplex!

  4. Um…tickets, please? Please?!

  5. Ryan Beagan

    this might makeup for me not being at SXSW

  6. make it happen, cap’n.

  7. Heard a lot of great stuff about boy bands. I’d love to see if it’s true.

  8. YAY!!!
    Brieanna Boss

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