Yes, we’ve fawned over Fleet Foxes previously, but for good reason. They’re worth it — both live and on tape. Yeah, their name has been on everyone’s lips the past month, bur do yourself a solid and resist the knee-jerk reaction to blow them off as a hype band. Based in Seattle, the group (literally) just played their first out-of-state date last month during Noise Pop, in San Francisco, and it’s safe to say they floored the room (we were there). In hindsight the buzz from the audience that night was indicative of what would follow two weeks later, in Austin, during SXSW.

Although the easy comparisons to My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses may be inescapable (and rightfully so), Fleet Foxes most definitely have their own thing going on – one that flourishes both in a live setting, and on their recent studio EP, Sun Giant. Flush with reverb soaked 3 part harmonies, vocalist Robin Pecknold’s aching vocals and the summoned atmosphere of David Crosby’s 1971 masterwork, If I Could Only Remember My Name, Sun Giant, at times, feels as if it were conjured from another era entirely. Fortunately for us, it is very much in the here and now.

Noise Pop ‘08 :: Fleet Foxes (Bottom of The Hill)

MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Sun Giant
Amazon: Fleet Foxes – Sun Giant EP

www.myspace.com/fleetfoxes ++ sub pop

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9 Responses to “Fleet Foxes :: Sun Giant EP”

  1. sounds good!

  2. I saw them in Atlanta last weekend opening for Blitzen Trapper, and to be honest, they were disappointing. I had high hopes based on the EP and buzz I had heard, but they were boring.

  3. I’m seeing them with Blitzen Trapper soon as well. I don’t really expect a really action-packed show from them anyways, I’m more looking to enjoy the listening than the seeing. They’ve got beautiful voices.

  4. TOTALLY agree with the David Crosby comparison. Fleetwood Mac is certainly in there too. Something, I don’t know, quintessentially seventies LA. I love both the EP and the Ragged Wood LP. Both worth it, big time.

    PS. Sorry to be so strident, but Band of Horses is the hype band. Not these guys.

  5. I would have bet you just about anything this was My Morning Jacket or, more likely, solo Jim James.

  6. They killed it at the Team Clairmont day party at SXSW. all the bands we’re sucking hard and my friend and i were about to leave…. then the fleet foxes started with their 4 part harmony. four part! live! you just dont get that from bands in 2008. very csny. also very awesome.

  7. Saw them open up for Blitzen Trapper in Nashville two weeks ago. It’s a shame they came on before BT because they absolutely killed it. They deserve all the credit they’re receiving.

  8. talking of CSNY, did folks notice the amusing reference on their MySpace?

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