Jon Spencer :: Theremin Demonstration (Must See)

Hey kids, ever wonder how Jon Spencer gets all those wacky sounds out of that box on stage? Me too. It’s called a Theremin, and here he demonstrates it for a group of school children in a room that looks, unsettlingly, like The Black Lodge. Yeah, he humps it.

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6 thoughts on “Jon Spencer :: Theremin Demonstration (Must See)

  1. He uses his foot!

    You can find this on the Matador 10th Anniversary DVD Everything Is Nice. I don’t think the DVD is in print, but it’s around.

  2. Man, I miss Jon Spencer. There was a time there in the mid-90s when the Blues Explosion was the hottest band on the planet. The last time I saw them was in 2001, and even then they were becoming a sad parody of themselves. Are they even still around? Is anyone still listening?

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