In the span of six months Fleet Foxes have released two of my favorite recordings this year (so far anyway) — the Sun Giant EP, and the self-titled Fleet Foxes LP. We’re excited to present the groups upcoming back-to-back dates, here in Los Angeles, at The Echo (June 28th) and Spaceland (June 29th)

We are giving away 4 pairs of tickets to AD readers for night one, @ the Echo – you’re on your own for night two at Spaceland. To win a pair, leave your full name and a valid email address in the comments.

MP3: Fleet Foxes :: White Winter Hymnal
Amazon: Fleet Foxes – S/T

++ www.attheecho.com ++ www.clubspaceland.com

+ Download Fleet Foxes via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 no risk trial offer

20 Responses to “AD Presents :: Fleet Foxes @ The Echo/Spaceland”

  1. Would love to get a pair of tickets to see these guys!

  2. I would love to get a pair of tickets to see these guys!

  3. already got my spaceland tix…see ya there.

  4. Me!

  5. I’ll be there on Sunday — a beer in one hand, a camera in the other.

  6. I tried buying tix for the show @ the Echo, but it said “Tickets might be sold at the door” hmmm…

    I’d love to win a pair though too!

  7. *fingers crossed*

  8. Would love tickets for this show!

    Bryan Albert

  9. They played a tiny venue here in Manchester UK the other day but it sold out within minutes and I didn’t get a ticket! I doubt they will ever play a venue as small ever again. They are going to be massive over here.

  10. need to hear mykonos LIVE

  11. I love Fleet Foxes! They’re like a folkier MMJ if “Z” hadn’t happened. And I am in LA this summer. Tickets would be amazing!

  12. I’ll take those please.

  13. i’d love tix to this show. i was too slow on the draw in buying tix.

  14. hey hook me up por favor.


  15. Love to see the show. Thanks for consideration.

  16. Loving these guys. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a pair of tix.

  17. hit me up!

  18. me me me me me me

  19. Please and thank you.

  20. Horribly late, but I know this will be absolutely beautiful.

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