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Athens, Georgia’s perennial rock & roll torch-bearers, Bloodkin, have a new album in the can entitled Baby They Told Us We Would Rise Again. Fuck yes; further proof you can never count these guys out. Stay tuned for details regarding a label and release date (looking like late ’08) as they leak out.

In the late Summer of 2000 the band recorded their sole, official, live album, All Dolled Up, at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta. Living in town at the time, between Athens and Los Angeles, I count myself fortunate to have been there. Packed, boozey and humid, the room was rock ‘n roll incarnate. The live document was released soon after by the Phoenix Presents Series, a label which reportedly soon went under due to business disputes. Unfortunately All Dolled Up was collateral damage, and has since been commercially unavailable, digital or otherwise, for at least seven years. Here’s hoping for a re-release. Until then, chew on a couple of tracks from that September night in Atlanta, eight years ago, recorded upstairs at Smith’s Olde Bar…

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MP3: Bloodkin :: Paying What I Owe
MP3: Bloodkin :: Breakfast In Bed (Dusty Springfield cover)

4 thoughts on “Bloodkin :: All Dolled Up

  1. I first saw Bloodkin in Fall 95 and bought my copy of Creeperweed from Danny Hutchens’s trunk. I’m anticipating this release like I have every other one from the last 13 years. Any word on the box set Danny was working on?

    Also you need to dig up the “…Did We Ever Have A Good Time” compilation that some tapers did around 01-02. It’s phenomenal and the last disc is nothing but Guitarmy tracks from the BBQ/Bloodkin shows that happened at the Theatre seemingly every 3 months from 99-01.

  2. i put together that compilation…..”did we ever have a good time”.

    it was deadicated to the big man, zac.

    r.i.p., my friend…..

    i taped most of those shows myself, but the rest came from either CP or Sloan.

    Bloodkin is the best band that 99.9% of the world has never heard. danny ranks up there with bob dylan, robert hunter, and neil young as far as songwriters go.

    i’ll burn a copy of the compilation for a couple of people, email me at

  3. To me, Bloodkin ranks #2 as long as the Riffmaster Keef Richards is still rockin’! Also, Danny is the equal to JJ Cale.

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