Everything That Happens Happens Today


As I am sure many of you reading are aware, last week David Byrne and Brian Eno’s first collaboration in nearly three decades hit the digital marketplace in the form of their new LP Everything That Happens Happens Today. Besides the obvious reunion of the two icons the release is also notable as it was released via Topspin, the new Ian Rogers chaired digital music/marketing company that was unveiled just a few months ago via Billboard. While I have only had a cursory listen thus far, it sounds great, and is full of both the familiar as well as unexpected turns running throughout.

Byrne (sans Eno) is set to tour this Fall behind the release on a bill dubbed “Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno” in which he will touch on material going back to pairs very first collaborations on through to the present album. For those of you with us here in Los Angeles, the tour touches down in Los Feliz at the Greek Theatre on October 3rd.

MP3: David Byrne/Brian Eno :: Strange Overtones
Purchase: David Byrne/Brian Eno – Everything That Happens Happens Today

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  1. I highly recommend buying the full album – it is incredibly rich, sonically and lyrically. Most of it (this track being an exception) is a departure from Byrne & Eno’s previous collaborations – which just goes to show how relevant these two continue to be.

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