Bruce Brubaker :: Eno Piano

There have been various interpretations of Eno’s Music For Airports over the years — Psychic Temple’s beauteous rendition, Bang On A Can’s sweet version. Here, Bruce Brubaker strips the ambient masterpiece down to the studs in (mostly) solo piano form, alongside a few other similarly styled Eno tunes. And the whole thing is absolutely gorgeous. I could listen to that iconic Airports piano line (originally played by Robert Wyatt) for at least 24 hours, and in Brubaker’s hands, it is appropriately luminous and enchanting.

David Byrne :: The Catherine Wheel, ’81

Revisiting David Byrne’s score to “The Catherine Wheel” (1981). Like Remain In Light and Bush of Ghosts, Byrne rides a similar aesthetic groove, mining funk, African poly-rhythms, processed vocals and the avant-garde, all underscored by a potent sense of urgency