AD Presents :: Delta Spirit, New Orleans, Wed 9.10

Aquarium Drunkard is presenting tomorrow nights Delta Spirit show at Republic New Orleans , Wednesday, September 9th. Hurricane Ike be damned, its going to be a good show. We caught up with the band's bassist, Jonathan Jameson, last week to discuss the new release Ode To Sunshine .

Aquarium Drunkard: Ode To Sunshine is an intimate record. One that calls on the familiarity of folk and yet still captures the rawness of punk rock. Describe the recording process at that cabin in Julian, CA and will you be doing more recording there or branching out to other locations?

Jonathan Jameson: Heat. Dogs. Friends. Heat. Live. Fun. Discouragement. Work. Slip n' Slide. Heat. Whiskey. BBQ. Eli. Sauna. Accomplishment. It was beautiful. It will be very different next time...that is all i know.

AD: As you were recording these songs, did it, at the time feel like what you thought Delta Spirit would sound like as you formed in 2005? Are there ways your original vision was different than the current group?

JJ: Yeah. The biggest difference was that we started with four people and now we have five. we have never tried to change our sound or send it in one specific direction, but it has changed and evolved and I'm sure it will continue to.

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