AD Presents :: Okkervil River (New Orleans, LA)


Our continuing Aquarium Drunkard Presents series at Republic New Orleans continues with Okkervil River Tuesday, September 30th, with special guests Crooked Fingers. For those of you who have yet to pick up the band’s new album, The Stand Ins, you can check out the AD review here.

We have 10 pairs of tickets to the show to give away to AD readers. To get your hands on a pair, leave a comment below with you favorite Will Sheff song, your full name, and a valid email address we can reach you at. Tickets will be held at will call.

MP3: Okkervil River :: Lost Coastlines
Purchase Tickets: Okkervil River – September 30th

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12 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Okkervil River (New Orleans, LA)

  1. I’d have to say right now my favorite is Savannah Smiles, although I agree John Allyn Smith Sails is pretty great, as is John Berryman’s poetry. Still breaking in their new album. Would love to go see them! Thanks.

  2. Oh god. I don’t know? I mean, there are so many. If I had to narrow it down to just one, I would pick “The War Criminal Rises and Speaks.”

    “The head wants to turn, to avert both its eyes, but the mind wants to learn of some truth that might be inside reported crimes.” If you read all the reports, and view all the videos, that doesn’t mean you will turn into a criminal. And then it turns, and Sheff urges you to put yourself in that criminal’s place. It’s amazing.

    So, tickets please?

  3. My favorite Okkervil song changes quite often. Now that The Stand-Ins has been released, I’d say my current favorite is “Lost Coastlines.” It’s a great choice for a mix tape, too. I also love the youtube video of Will Sheff and AC Newman playing it together.

  4. Lady Liberty, all the way. Always has been my favourite. I just can’t get enough of that song. The lyrics, sound, everything about it is amazing!

    I’d love the chance to see them live!

  5. “When you look how you looked then to me, then I cease lying and fall into silence.” That line gets me every time. The whole song does- hell the whole album is great, but I love “Our Life is not a Movie.” “Black” is also an all time favorite of mine. The lyrics to all their songs are amazing, I love the narrative aspect. I was supposed to go to ACL this weekend and I wanted to see them, but it didn’t work out. I had to sell my ticket. I’d love to get to see them in New Orleans- one of my favorite bands in my favorite city- can I still get tickets via this post 🙂 ?

  6. Favorite I keep coming back to is Our Life is Not a Movie. Flashback to Stubbs SXSW and they just jammed it. Great booking for NOLA.

  7. Great booking for the Republic. They’re fast becoming my favorite place for shows-great booker. How did they let the Black Keys get away? Hard to pick a favorite Okkervil song, just about anything from Black Sheep Boy. Just a great, great album. Plan to see them tomorrow night in New Orleans.

  8. Favorite all time: “So Come Back, I Am Waiting”

    Right now: “Pop lie”

    Are there tickets left for this promo?? thanks again for another top notch booking!

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