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Friday, August 3rd, 2018

The Rock*A*Teens were my favorite rock and roll band of the 1990s, a group that disguised heroic artistic ambitions behind a murky, mysterious, reverb-laden take on early rock and roll. I’ve heard echoes of their sweeping grandiosity in the indie-anthemic bands of the mid-2000s and echoes of their weird swampy cool in today’s crop of […]

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

September 9th saw the return of Okkervil River via their first LP in three years, Away, a record principal Will Sheff has described as “me taking my life back to zero and starting to add it all back up again.” Below, we are screening the group’s performance at Brooklyn’s National Sawdust recorded this past July. […]

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

We need a myth. So insists Will Sheff on the track of the same name, and he’s right. We need a myth, a narrative, something upon which to plot the flags planted in each new territory of our understanding. Some way to compare ‘this’ to ‘that.’ A way of understanding the world, even when the […]

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

One of my favorite Okkervil River songs, I always save “Listening To Otis Redding At Home During Christmas” for December, as Will Sheff so perfectly captures the emotional undercurrent of the season. Melancholic? Yes. Smart? Indeed. MP3: Okkervil River :: Listening To Otis Redding At Home During Christmas ——————— + Download Okkervil River via eMusic’s […]

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Our continuing Aquarium Drunkard Presents series at Republic New Orleans continues with Okkervil River Tuesday, September 30th, with special guests Crooked Fingers. For those of you who have yet to pick up the band’s new album, The Stand Ins, you can check out the AD review here. We have 10 pairs of tickets to the […]

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Sometimes the movements of time’s big hands adjusts our fuzzy view of the past and pulls the picture into focus. Here we are in September of 2008, and Okkervil River’s The Stage Names, a record that was at first loved and then capsized by the digital wake of 2007, has floated to the surface unharmed. […]