You may remember we were in Nashville in September for our showcase at the AMA festival. Le Switch was one of the bands on the bill, and before their set, the Dell Lounge folks shot and acoustic version of “I’m Not On” that will be on the band’s next EP. Those familiar with Nashville might recognize the locale — the stairwell above the Basement and Grimey’s Records.


MP3: Le Switch :: Simple Gifts
MP3: Le Switch :: Country Song
Purchase: Le Switch – And Now…Le Switch

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2 Responses to “Le Switch :: I’m Not On (Acoustic)”

  1. that’s an awesome video, incredibly good quality, video and audio. can’t wait to slap the ep on.

  2. I’m sold. I know what I want for Christmas now. Good tunes, and a good addition to the Drunkdard’s record label. Thanks

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