Modern Vices :: S/T

Modern Vices describe their sound as “dirty doo-wop,” but don’t get too confused. These Chicago-based rockers — vocalist Alex Rebek, bassist Miles Kalchik, drummer Patrick Hennessey, and guitarists Peter Scoville and Thomas Peters — owe […]

Calvin Love :: New Radar

Calvin Love’s   music–the way it sounds–gives away the process responsible for its creation.  Its sparse musical landscape is populated by thin guitars, electronic drums, and occasionally vintage synthesizers,  which add a wooly, electronic warmth to the focused, slender arrangements.  The […]

Colossal Gospel :: Circles

You’ve heard mention of the “Heart of the South” aplenty. It’s something of a regional reference point, the geographic central organ of whatever context in which it’s breathed. It can simultaneously be the Georgia Piedmont […]