Covered in kudzu and swathed in a blanket of humidity, spanish moss, feedback and reverb exists Futurebirds. Here, at this intersection, we find a synthesis of the two extremes of Neil Young’s yin and yang.  It’s at this crossroads, on this plane that Futurebirds meld the sweet, lilting, pedal steel and harmonies of the Stray Gators with the raucous, buzzing, distortion of Crazyhorse.

Futurebirds debut, Hampton’s Lullaby, is forged from a South that has as much to do with the worldview of Silver Jews’ David Berman as the inhabitants of William Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha County. Building on the bones of their self-titled 2009 EP, Hampton’s Lullaby invokes an absurdist, cornbread-fed, psychedelic dream state rooted to reality in colloquial storytelling. If you buy into the belief that we are all the summation of our shared influences then it’s no surprise that this band, hailing from Athens, GA, equally incorporates both the psych-tinged sounds of the Elephant 6 collective and the southern gothic, Fables of The Reconstruction era, R.E.M. into their sonic palette. It’s this exact tightrope, this subtle dance, that informs their work and that drives their aesthetic—be it on wax or in a live context.

Hampton’s Lullaby is out today via Autumn Tone Records. The band is presently touring the U.S. and heads back out on the road this fall. Don’t sleep on seeing them live. You’ll thank me later.

MP3: Futurebirds :: Johnny Utah
MP3: Futurebirds :: Battle For Rome
Purchase: Futurebirds – Hampton’s Lullaby (Digital Only)

Purchase: Futurebirds – Hampton’s Lullaby (Digital/CD)

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15 Responses to “Futurebirds :: Hampton’s Lullaby”

  1. Going to be at Snug Harbor in Charlotte, NC this Friday, July 30th and I can’t wait to see them again. Just a tremendous live band.

  2. Wow. Nice, lush sound. Very cool indeed!

  3. Saw them two weeks ago at the Bottle Tree in Birmingham. Bought the album then and have listened to it non-stop since. Exceeded my expectations in every way. Either the Futurebirds are one of the hardest working bands in the U.S. or David Barbe is an effing genius or both. Brilliant album from start to finish. BUY IT NOW

  4. Whoever made the Quentin Compton reference needs a pay bump.

  5. Silver Jews/Faulkner all aboard

  6. well, dave barbe IS an effing genius, either way.

  7. Drew Vandenberg and Freon Fighters produced this masterpiece. David Barbe is the zen master that showed them the way.

  8. Mine is living in my cars dashboard….great driving album.
    Love it.

  9. Love this one too – been in the player all week. Early MMJ sounds for sure.

  10. […] Our friends Futurebirds are hitting the road this Fall with their hometown compadres Dead Confederate. Things kick off this Saturday in Athens with a show at Max Canada before the bands make their way across the US of A. Dead Confederate are touring in support of their sophomore LP, Sugar, (release August 24th) while Futurebirds continue to convert the masses spreading the gospel of Hampton’s Lullaby. […]

  11. I live for stumbling across masterpieces like Hampton’s Lullaby. Honest and innovative. That’s a hard line to walk for most!

  12. Wow. Don’t miss the chance to see these guys live because they give a great show…. especially if you’re lucky enough to catch them in their element in Athens, Georgia.

  13. […] we got our hands on Hampton’s Lullaby and realized that it was crafted by Drew Vandenberg at Chase Park, it all started to make sense. […]

  14. […] last year’s Hampton’s Lullaby placed them firmly on the national radar, Athens, GA’s Futurebirds self-recorded and released […]

  15. […] more check out their album Hampton’s Lullaby. Looking forward to more good things coming from these […]

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