Our label, Autumn Tone, is releasing the upcoming Dirty Gold EP, Roar, this spring. In the meantime, the single that initially caught our attention, “California Sunrise,” is now available via iTunes, etc.

Purchase Now: Dirty Gold :: California Sunrise (Single)

iTunes: Dirty Gold :: California Sunrise (Single)


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  1. This was the absolute perfect thing for me to hear this morning. I used to live in CA but I’ve been living in Portland, OR for over a year now. I like the city but sometimes the weather is a downer. It’s cold, rainy and depressing today and this song with its sunny vibes made me feel totally better. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to getting their ep when it’s released.

  2. Feeling this. Cool.

  3. Gotta say, just purchased the single on Itunes, but will be looking for the cd release and any 45’s on the way.

  4. Great cover art.

  5. Beautiful song and kick ass video. Nice work you little homepage of mine you. Oh, and AD too. Just bought the single, thanks!

  6. […] Dirty Gold will be releasing their debut EP Roar this Spring via Autumn Tone Records.  “California Sunrise” will be this weekend’s go to track, especially since the Los Angeles forecast shows nothing but blue skies up ahead.  [Thanks Aquarium Drunkard] […]

  7. […] Lots of California and sun, people on surfboards, etc. Their debut EP is due this spring on AD’s Autumn Tone label. “California Sunrise” is on iTunes. Buy. […]

  8. If you like Dirty Gold, I’m curious if you’ve listened to Oh Land yet?? http://www.vevo.com/artist/oh-land

  9. […] been waiting for this album since January.  I spent countless hours searching the internet for any trace of this band.  I found nothing. […]

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