Great Lake Swimmers :: Song Sung Blue EP


Not unlike Mark Kozelek’s reinterpretation of the Modest Mouse canon on his 2005 Sun Kil Moon LP, Tiny Cities, here Great Lake Swimmers’ Tony Dekker takes on the unlikely muse of Neil Diamond for the soundtrack to filmmaker Greg Kohs’ documentary Song Sungs Blue. And it works. Whereas there is an obvious thread between the work of Kozelek and Isaac Brock, the synergy of Dekker and Diamond could not be less obvious. Below, on the title track, Dekker swaps Diamonds trademark rhinestone and flash for his brand hushed, acoustic, folk that, like Kozelek before him, adds a depth to the material that even the most die-hard Diamond fan could appreciate.

Also: Great Lake Swimmers 4th LP, Lost Channels, will be released March 31st via Nettwerk.

MP3: Tony Dekker :: Song Sung Blue
MP3: Tony Dekker :: Old Milwaukee (instrumental)
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6 thoughts on “Great Lake Swimmers :: Song Sung Blue EP

  1. amazing.. i am such a huge Neil Diamond fan I am always interested in hearing cover versions. His songwriting is so solid it translates to so many genres and styles. One of my favorites you wouldn’t expect to ever hear is Murder City Devils doing “I’ll Come Running”.

  2. The more I listen to the Great Lake Swimmers, the more I like them. Their last album “Ongiara” really grew on me. I’m looking forward to the new album.

  3. This sounds interesting. My favorite Neil Diamond cover ever is Johnny Cash’s version of “Solitary Man” off the Unearthed box.

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