12 thoughts on “Pavement :: 6.11.92 – Minneapolis, MN

  1. I get so much awesome music news from Aquarium Drunkard. But Minneapolis hip hop is where it’s at! Nerve and DJ Arkitekt a new group out of Minneapolis that performs a hip-hop indie rock fusion with an album set drop this summer. Having opened for national acts like Muja Messiah and Eyedea, Nerve and DJ Arkitekt are ready to win over new listeners every day.



    E-Funk Productions.

  2. the guy that recorded this is not going to share any more recordigns on dime anymore thanks to this post. Well im sure the world will keep on turning without him sharing his ‘archives’ with the world. But it is a sad thing that he is so uptight that he has to goto such lengths. But i agree with him. MP3’s of live bootlegs really hurt the trading pool

  3. I sure the hope the word will keep turning regardless of whether I share my archival recordings or not!

    Sheesh, what a ridiculous comment to make, really…!

    As for being “uptight”, let’s just say that there is more to the story than you know – or need to know.

    And yes, technically speaking, taking a set of perfectly good .flac files and converting them into .mp3s to post on a blog, really does not help the trading pool, as far as those things go.

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