Electricity & Lust :: Pavement’s Slanted & Enchanted — Live!

Pavement’s debut long-player hits its 30th anniversary in April. To celebrate its lasting appeal, here’s a version of the album re-created from live tapes cherry picked from over the years, from the Gary Young era to the Westie days, and even with a little solo Malkmus thrown in there for good measure.Beautifully rough around the edges, occasionally on the verge of falling apart completely, it’s an appropriately enchanting listen, with style for miles and miles.

Pavement :: Slow Century (Documentary)

With a Pavement reunion tour going all over the place in 2022, it’s a good time to revisit Lance Bangs’ excellent Slow Century doc. Originally released in 2002, it tracks the band from the scruffy early days as a “special new band” through their, er, slightly less scruffy time as indie rock darlings.