Pavement :: Copenhagen, Denmark – June 20, 1993, Loppen

I can count on one hand the number of contemporary ‘indie rock’ bands that 90 percent of my friends all agree upon. As Pavement most definitely fall in that circle, it’s no surprise that it seems like every other person I know in L.A. is making the drive to Pomona, Thursday night, for their Coachella warm-up gig at the Fox. Below is the last show to feature original drummer Gary Young; Denmark 6-20-1993.   See you in Pomona, and here’s hoping for a “Grounded.”

Download: Pavement :: Copenhagen (Denmark), June 20 1993, Loppen (Zipped Folder   153 MB)

Sebadoh/Helen Stones
Fame Throwa
5-4=Unity (Vocal)
Texas Never Whispers
Conduit For Sale!
Angel Carver Blues > Mellow Jazz Docent
Trigger Cut
So Stark (You?re A Skyscraper)
Cut Your Hair
Two States
Elevate Me Later
Debris Slide
Voguing To Shane McGowan > In The Mouth A Desert
Newark Wilder
Fillmore Jive

Summer Babe

10 thoughts on “Pavement :: Copenhagen, Denmark – June 20, 1993, Loppen

  1. “Stereo” and “Brighten” was such a fun turn of events…and by now I think he’s as big a deal as Neil?

  2. Whoa. That would have been sweet to catch them play at Loppen back in the day. That place literally holds 75-100 people — perfect environment to see them. Thanks for this!

  3. Are you going to report back on the Pomona show? The reports I’ve read of the New Zealand, Australia, and Japan shows haven’t been meaty enough.

    I bought tickets to the first Central Park gig when that was the only one announced. I’m jealous that they’re making a whole run through the U.S. before then but at least they’ll be all warmed up.

  4. Wow thanks so much for this guys! I saw Pavement at the 40 watt right before they broke up and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen.

  5. @ Frank. Yeah, I was most likely going to fly to NYC for those shows when they were first announced. Obviously glad I saved my money, but I’m sure they will be sounding mighty tight by the time those gigs roll around.

  6. After blowing $300+ on Coachella Tickets and accoutrements, there’s no way I can afford to go to the Pomona show too. This bootleg should tide me over though. Thanks.

  7. man, “fillmore jive” sounds great, though it ends on a rather strangely. forgot how much i love the early version of it.

  8. oi

    being fortunate as to have attended to posted concert, I just thought beyond giving my thanks, that a little rnr trivia was of interest. The concert was as mentioned the last with the original drummer – you can’t blame the rest of the band letting Gary Young go, as he was high as a kite on the local brand and housed on vodka. Their sound man had to do the encores, while Gary was sick. Classic old skool Pavement

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