Fleet Foxes :: Den Haag, Netherlands 11.21.08


By January 1st it was readily apparent that Fleet Foxes’ debut had pretty much landed on the majority of Best of ’08 lists – both on and offline (including our #1 slot). Selling out larger venues every time they route through town, the group is now poised to perform on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Tune in. In the meantime check out the following (pristine) show, recorded last November in Den Haag, Netherlands. Big tip of the hat to the original taper.

MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Intro / Tuning
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Sun Giant
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Sun lt Rises
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Drops in the River
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: English House
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: White Winter Hymnal
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Ragged Wood
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Your Protector
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Crayon Angels (Judee Sill Cover)
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Oliver James (Robin solo)
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: He Doesn’t Know Why
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Mykonos
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Blue Ridge Mountains
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Outro

Download the night’s soundcheck after the jump….

MP3: Fleet Foxes :: ???
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: Sun Giant
MP3: Fleet Foxes :: English House

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23 thoughts on “Fleet Foxes :: Den Haag, Netherlands 11.21.08

  1. Thanks for this, great post. I’m glad Fleet Foxes are getting the recognition they rightly deserve. Their debut was definitely the best album of 2008, no question. I’m looking forward to the follow up already!

  2. thank you for this. big foxes fan, hope to catch them live some day in the future. AD is the best blog there is, i listen to the show weekly on XMU. excellent playlist today (Jan 16th).

  3. i have tons of there concerts but this is by far the best. thanks so much for getting this one out there.

  4. I never warmed up to these guys after hearing their EP. Didn’t do a thing for me. I gave this a listen on a boring Saturday afternoon and really enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll give their album a listen. Thanks for the post.

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  6. All of the links to these songs appear to be broken. Any chance you’ll put them back up? I listened to them a couple days ago and couldn’t believe how truly wonderful they were. I would love to hear them again.



  7. Great show. People say some of our stuff sounds like Fleet Foxes, can’t see it myself but I’m not complaining…..a great band with a sound philosophy 🙂 Pete : Antiqcool.

  8. I’m really interested in this show but the links don’t work…

    Can you fix them o post a rapidshare link? Thanks : )

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