This Friday, during the second hour of our SIRIUS/XM show, we will air the Aquarium Drunkard session cut in December with Le Switch, at The Ship, here in L.A. in the Eagle Rock neighborhood. This weekend the band embarks on a West Coast mini-tour, up the coast to Seattle and back, in preparation for their February residency at Spaceland in support of their forthcoming EP The Devil Needs A Coughdrop (Autumn Tone).

Two of the below tracks (recorded live at The Ship) are unreleased, as is the demo version of “Sunday Morning” from the upcoming EP. The growth of the band’s sound and dynamics are readily apparent and more closely approximate the Tom Waits/soul revue vibe of the live show. Look for them in March at SXSW.

**Big thanks to Aaron Espinoza and eveyone at The Ship.

MP3: Le Switch :: Nothing Like You And I (Unreleased – AD Session)
MP3: Le Switch :: I’m Not On (Unreleased – AD Session)
MP3: Le Switch :: Big ‘ol Tree (AD Session)

MP3: Le Switch :: Sunday Morning (demo from forthcoming EP)

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4 Responses to “Le Switch :: Aquarium Drunkard SIRIUS Session”

  1. Dude! Great tracks … some of their best stuff to date. It’s been fun watching Le Switch evolve over the last couple of years. I’ll be interested to see how le tour up the coast treats them.

  2. Le Switch!!!!

  3. Le Switch mesmerizes me. Not only was And Now…Le Switch my favorite Autumn Tone release last year, it was one of my favorite albums period. I immensely anticipate the release of The Devil Needs A Coughdrop, and predict that Le Switch is definitely a band to watch in 2009.

  4. This EP is the best record this year so far by far,completely ace.

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