Richard Buckner :: Multiple Digital Reissues Afoot


March 10th, Merge is re-issuing three out-of-print albums from the Richard Buckner catalog: Bloomed, The Hill, and Impasse. Until I saw the press release, last week, I had no idea these titles were even out-of-print. While I’m a fan of most everything Buckner has recorded, his debut, Bloomed, remains a favorite (see: two tracks below).

Richard Buckner :: 4/19 Los Angeles, CA @ McCabes Guitar Shop

MP3: Richard Buckner :: Blue & Wonder
MP3: Richard Buckner :: Gauzy Dress
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5 thoughts on “Richard Buckner :: Multiple Digital Reissues Afoot

  1. “Blue and Wonder.” Dang! Well how’s a fella supposed to follow something like that up anyway? Even Steve Earle’s got to tip his hat to Buckner for just absolute painful fucking honesty. Excited for the re-issues, to say the least.

  2. bloomed is one of the great records of the last 10 years…that no one knows about…..can’t wait to buy it again!

  3. it’s really sad that he has yet to get the attention he deserves. the body of work he’s put out has been perfection. i hope the re-releases and possibly a new record in ’10 bring some visibility to one of the most gifted artists of recent memory.

  4. Man. His first three were some of my favorites ever. I had no idea they were out of print! And the man…Buckner is about the nicest guy you could meet. He’s a gentle giant.

  5. I feel that Richard creates a world of dark and beautiful contradictions, a crux of mind but more often of heart. He is playing The Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western Ave. Chicago this Saturday, September 19th. And I couldn’t be more excited to see him again. This is what they had to say about him…

    “Richard Buckner is a songwriter of uncompromising elegance. His insurgent country twang is the product of a San Francisco/Lubbock association, being born and raised in California but having a strong musical affinity for the likes of Texas country giants TERRY ALLEN and JIMMIE DALE GILMORE. His impressive catalogue of albums move from folk balladry to tawdry guitar rave ups . Pitchfork complimented him thusly: “whether taking on folk, power-pop, country, rock, or gently experimental drones, he produces uniformly gleaming, misty enigmas. He intones elusive lyrics in a smeared voice, artfully skirting the subject.” And we have to agree. The man knows how to craft and perfectly deliver distinctly lovely songs. Leave the ear plugs, bring the girl.”

    I am, and I will.

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