Long Shots :: Daniel Hutchens & David Barbe


(Long Shots, a new feature on Aquarium Drunkard, asks some of our favorite artists to interview one another. Think of it as listening in on a good conversation.)

As the album’s title suggests Athens, GA’s Bloodkin are indeed back — on tour with the Drive-By Truckers — and supporting their seventh release Baby They Told Us We Would Rise Again. DBT’s Patterson Hood penned the LP’s liner notes proclaiming it as “truly one of the best damn rock & roll records I have heard in many a year.” High praise. Producer David Barbe (Son Volt, Drive-By Truckers, R.E.M., etc.) again teamed up with band, making this the fifth Bloodkin album he’s produced – in a addition to Daniel Hutchens two solo albums, Lesser and Lovesongs For Losers. The following conservation between Bloodkin’s Daniel Hutchens and David Barbe was recorded last week at Barbe’s Chase Park Transduction studio in Athens, GA. Listen in, enjoy.

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MP3: Long Shots :: With David Barbe & Daniel Hutchens (Bloodkin)
Pre-order: Bloodkin – Baby They Told Us We Would Rise Again

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