This track went on my Summer mix-tape 2.0 last week.  Say what you will about Vivian Girls live show, but for fans of lo-fi pop channeling a bedroom version of the Shangri-Las, last years S/T debut delivered.  No frills, simple and concise. The Girls sophomore LP is set for release in September via In The Red Records; teaser MP3 below.

MP3: Vivian Girls :: When I’m Gone
Pre-order: Vivian Girls – Everything Goes Wrong

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5 Responses to “Vivian Girls :: When I’m Gone”

  1. […] of modern takes on sixties girl-groups, back in the early ’90s long before her relationship with Johnny Depp, […]

  2. i love this song. turn it UP!

  3. Sounds just like Black Tambourines. I like the BT better, honestly. Is that just me?
    It’s too bad that they haven’t taken off with the sound and tried to make it something new.

  4. Sorry, correction. Black Tambourine. and to add to that, Velocity Girl.

  5. The Vivian Girls hung out with Flavorpill last week and dressed up their music writer as a girl. It’s ridiculous. Take a look:

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