Aquarium Drunkard Show Companion Mix Vol 1

In an effort to somewhat merge the AD show on XMU with that of the blog proper, this is the first of what will most likely become a recurring series. After the jump, check a selection of 27 (mostly) new-ish tracks I’ve been spinning over the past few weeks — 1/2 of which have not been written about on AD (yet). Just a small fraction of what I play, but a choice round up nonetheless representative of where my head’s at Fall 2009. And like the season, the tracks get chillier as you progress. Dig.

Download (Zipped Folder 110 MB): Aquarium Drunkard Show :: A Companion Mix, Vol 1

MP3: The Drums :: Let’s Go Surfing (Knight School version)
MP3: The Magic Kids :: Hey Boy
MP3: Beach Fossils :: Daydream
MP3: Knight School :: Pregnant Again
MP3: Real Estate :: Fake Blues
MP3: Surfer Blood :: Catholic Pagans
MP3: Frankie & The Outs :: Thee Only One
MP3: The Girls At Dawn :: It’s The Only Time
MP3: The Smith Westerns :: Imagine Pt. 3
MP3: Family Portrait :: Mega Secrets
MP3: Condo Fucks :: Shut Down (Beach Boys cover)
MP3: Best Coast :: This Is Real
MP3: Dump :: When You Were Mine (Prince cover)
MP3: Coasting :: Coasting
MP3: Yellow Fever :: Katcatcher
MP3: Atlas Sound :: So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
MP3: Tune-Yards :: Sunlight
MP3: Trailer Trash Tracys :: Candy Girl (demo)
MP3: The Soft Pack :: Fences (Phoenix cover)
MP3: Cotton Jones :: Nicotine Canaries
MP3: Le Loup :: Beach Town
MP3: Woods :: To Clean
MP3: Jordaan Mason & The Horse Museum :: Avalanches
MP3: The Baptist Generals :: Alcohol (Turn And Fall)
MP3: Sgt. Dunbar :: Everything Is, Pt 3
White Antelope :: Wild Mountain Time
MP3: Mountain Man :: Animal Tracks

+ Download these artist’s shit DRM free via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 no risk trial offer

24 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Show :: A Companion Mix, Vol 1”

  1. radical mix! luv it luv it.

  2. My go to playlist on my iPod is tracks you’ve played on the Sirius show over the past couple of years.I have over 1,000 songs on the playlist. I mostly use elbow to get the tracks that I don’t have. But it’s great to see some of the stuff I haven’t been able to find. Thanks a bunch.

  3. You had me until i had to sign up for that downthemall thing

  4. amazing selection, thanks. also, thanks for the tip re: download them all. best plug-in for Firefox since Skip Screen.

  5. Nice-

    A zip option for those who don’t use firefox would be great. Thanks for the tracks though!

  6. thank a lot!!! amazing mix!!!

  7. Cheers! This is a great mix. You’ve turned me on to some great tunes today. I’m greatly indebted to you guys, keep up the great work!


  8. rocking this all day

  9. I have Download Them All already installed on my Firefox. However, I am dumb and can’t figure out how to get the zip. Any help?

  10. This just made my week. Thanks!

  11. man this baptist generals track makes me wistful. where are they? what happened to them? such a great songwriter.

  12. What a phenomenal mix – will likely be in my rotation for months.


  14. goddamn ive missed having the internet these last few months. this is incredible, as usual.

  15. I love “Hey boy” – Felt like I was the only one who knew this song. Glad to know I am not alone. Great mix. Thanks.

  16. What a nice collection of music! I feel like I’m on the beach, and I’m in Pennsylvania!

  17. […] don’t miss the original; in fact check that out first if you haven’t, either here or here. You’ll thank me […]

  18. i couldnt figure out download them all at first too,,,,,but being a savy computer geek i figured it out……do this 1.) right click the top most MP3 where it says MP3 2.)Should be a selection for download them all 3.)Set folder where you want to save and start downloading

  19. […] A mixtape. Some new, some old, some new(ish). This is the second effort to somewhat merge the weekly AD show on XMU with that of the blog proper. After the jump, check a selection of 15 tracks I’ve been spinning over the past few weeks. Simple jams for complicated times, ya’ll. Just a small fraction of what I play, but a choice round up nonetheless representative of where my head’s at January 2010. Volume 1 is still fresh; grab it here. […]

  20. Hey, great – I was just thinking a few days ago how much I miss the AD podcasts since you went to Sirius. This’ll do.

  21. Cool mix, thx!

  22. Hyllo….great mixtape, one of my favorites. toplist.

    Greetins from southBRazil. I just hear Beach Fossils inna local radio show- – suggested in interview wih by Rodrigo Carvalho from
    and love Best Coast..and ohters


  23. Thank you!!! I’m absolutely musically devoted to you and the amazing mixtapes you share. This one is a favorite.

  24. Hello,
    Would anyone help me writing down the lyrics from the Baptist Generals ‘ Alcohol? I’m highly interested in that song, may be i would try and cover it with my band. But unfortunately, i’m french and i have little clue about what’s this about.

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