Aquarium Drunkard Show :: A Companion Mix, Vol 1

Aquarium Drunkard Show Companion Mix Vol 1

In an effort to somewhat merge the AD show on XMU with that of the blog proper, this is the first of what will most likely become a recurring series. After the jump, check a selection of 27 (mostly) new-ish tracks I’ve been spinning over the past few weeks — 1/2 of which have not been written about on AD (yet). Just a small fraction of what I play, but a choice round up nonetheless representative of where my head’s at Fall 2009. And like the season, the tracks get chillier as you progress. Dig.

Download (Zipped Folder 110 MB): Aquarium Drunkard Show :: A Companion Mix, Vol 1

MP3: The Drums :: Let’s Go Surfing (Knight School version)
MP3: The Magic Kids :: Hey Boy
MP3: Beach Fossils :: Daydream
MP3: Knight School :: Pregnant Again
MP3: Real Estate :: Fake Blues
MP3: Surfer Blood :: Catholic Pagans
MP3: Frankie & The Outs :: Thee Only One
MP3: The Girls At Dawn :: It’s The Only Time
MP3: The Smith Westerns :: Imagine Pt. 3
MP3: Family Portrait :: Mega Secrets
MP3: Condo Fucks :: Shut Down (Beach Boys cover)
MP3: Best Coast :: This Is Real
MP3: Dump :: When You Were Mine (Prince cover)
MP3: Coasting :: Coasting
MP3: Yellow Fever :: Katcatcher
MP3: Atlas Sound :: So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
MP3: Tune-Yards :: Sunlight
MP3: Trailer Trash Tracys :: Candy Girl (demo)
MP3: The Soft Pack :: Fences (Phoenix cover)
MP3: Cotton Jones :: Nicotine Canaries
MP3: Le Loup :: Beach Town
MP3: Woods :: To Clean
MP3: Jordaan Mason & The Horse Museum :: Avalanches
MP3: The Baptist Generals :: Alcohol (Turn And Fall)
MP3: Sgt. Dunbar :: Everything Is, Pt 3
White Antelope :: Wild Mountain Time
MP3: Mountain Man :: Animal Tracks

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24 thoughts on “Aquarium Drunkard Show :: A Companion Mix, Vol 1

  1. My go to playlist on my iPod is tracks you’ve played on the Sirius show over the past couple of years.I have over 1,000 songs on the playlist. I mostly use elbow to get the tracks that I don’t have. But it’s great to see some of the stuff I haven’t been able to find. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Cheers! This is a great mix. You’ve turned me on to some great tunes today. I’m greatly indebted to you guys, keep up the great work!


  3. I have Download Them All already installed on my Firefox. However, I am dumb and can’t figure out how to get the zip. Any help?

  4. man this baptist generals track makes me wistful. where are they? what happened to them? such a great songwriter.

  5. I love “Hey boy” – Felt like I was the only one who knew this song. Glad to know I am not alone. Great mix. Thanks.

  6. i couldnt figure out download them all at first too,,,,,but being a savy computer geek i figured it out……do this 1.) right click the top most MP3 where it says MP3 2.)Should be a selection for download them all 3.)Set folder where you want to save and start downloading

  7. Hey, great – I was just thinking a few days ago how much I miss the AD podcasts since you went to Sirius. This’ll do.

  8. Hyllo….great mixtape, one of my favorites. toplist.

    Greetins from southBRazil. I just hear Beach Fossils inna local radio show- – suggested in interview wih by Rodrigo Carvalho from
    and love Best Coast..and ohters


  9. Hello,
    Would anyone help me writing down the lyrics from the Baptist Generals ‘ Alcohol? I’m highly interested in that song, may be i would try and cover it with my band. But unfortunately, i’m french and i have little clue about what’s this about.

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