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Sub Pop just sent out an mp3 of “Norway,” the first taste off the upcoming Beach House LP, Teen Dream, slated for January 2010 release. Like the aural equivalent of trying to swim through a bowl of warm jello – in the very best way.

MP3: Beach House :: Norway

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8 Responses to “Beach House :: Norway”

  1. Is there a bad way to swim through jello? I can’t think of one.

  2. Diabetic?

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  4. Nice, caught them over summer at Green Man. Lovely wobbly noises throughout this one, maybe that’s the ‘jello’.

  5. This band is much better in the studio than they are live. When they opened for Grizzly Bear a few weeks back I wanted to kill myself I was so bored. This track is nice.

  6. I agree with Steve a bit, but turn this song up, it’s fantastic. A lot more depth than their usual.

  7. Such a bigger all around sound for these guys.. Looking forward to hearing the whole album.

  8. […] my first 2010 release in Beach House’s Sub Pop debut release Teen Dream. Some of the blogs that I read are already saying nice things about the duo’s third full-length album, and I must agree with […]

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