J Tillman TOWNES

J. Tillman covering Townes Van Zandt off the recent compilation Introducing Townes Van Zandt Via The Great Unknown. Also featuring: Great Lake Swimmers, Anders Parker, Chris Mills and more.

MP3: J. Tillman :: My Proud Mountains (Townes Van Zandt)

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3 Responses to “J. Tillman :: Introducing Townes Van Zandt (A Tribute Compilation)”

  1. J.Tillman is a freaking revelation. Caught him at the Space Gallery in Portland a few weeks ago and it was unreal. Picked up Vacilando Territory Blues the next day. Thanks for this!

  2. Rediscovered this one today…one of Tillman’s most moving moments, to say nothing of the original.

  3. […] week, I was reminded of artist formerly known as J. when Aquarium Drunkard posted his contribution to the 2009 tribute compilation Introducing Townes Van Zandt via The Great […]

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