The Ruby Suns, The Tallest Man On Earth…and now Caribou (née Dan Snaith). So far, not even a month into 2010, a number of artists I consider favorites have been dropping mp3 nuggets from their forthcoming records. Caribou’s “Odessa,” the first taste off the upcoming Swim LP is the most curious offering of them all. Curious in that it does not follow the more straightforward and organic instrumentation/production of 2008’s (outstanding) Andorra, instead sonically reverting back to Snaith’s earlier work (both as Manitoba and Caribou) employing Erland Oye-esque vocals, beats and production reminiscent of Oye’s solo debut, Unrest. I can’t wait to hear this in the context of the full-length, which is due out April 20th via Merge Records.

MP3: Caribou :: Odessa

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3 Responses to “Caribou :: Odessa”

  1. Fantastic, thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t heard of him, totally up my alley.

  2. This track def. has a more electronic feel than what I have heard from Andorra. But, that seems to be the ongoing trend these days. Speaking of free Mp3’s, have you gotten your hands on the new Drive-By Truckers. It’s up on my site at

    Thanks for the hook up.

  3. […] electronics, piping in at the most opportune moments along the bass line. Kudos to the dudes at Aquarium Drunkard who were on top of the similarities in vox and production to Erlend Øye of the formidable Kings of […]

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